Tiktok Testing the Waters with Clickable Website Links

We see that TikTok has been continually testing new waters in order for improvement and growth. Diving straight in, they are working on clickable website links on TikTok Profiles, which would make it familiar and user-friendly to Instagram user’s as its similar to IG’s feature, ‘Link in Bio’.

Adding new dimensions to the ever-growing social media platform, this feature would provide brands, creators, small business and even e-commerce portals the opportunity of driving traffic to their websites which would in turn help introduce and extend their reach to new unique users.

Acknowledging and making use of the fact that they have penetrated a substantial amount of smartphones, TikTok is looking into diversifying their platform for advertising and shopping capabilities as they were found to be testing social commerce URLs on posts. With their continuous improvements and new features, TikTok has made an imprint as a bandwagon on the social media platform, making Brands want to instantly collaborate and jump on board with them.